In simple terms, interpretation is the oral translation of spoken words. I provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting means that the interpreter speaks after the original speaker has finished his/her speech (or, in the case of longer speeches, a part of the speech). A special note-taking technique allows the interpreter to interpret speeches (or parts of speeches) of up to 10 minutes consecutively. This type of interpreting is typically used in bilingual settings. It is ideal for shorter speeches (e.g. toasts, after-diner speeches) and bilateral settings where the interpreter interprets s for both sides, e.g. arbitration, mediation or business negotiations.

Examples of situations where I provided consecutive interpretation services include:

Please note: I also provide interpreting/on-site translation services for trade exams such as red seal or journeyman exams.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter speaks at the same time as the original speaker. As this requires a lot of concentration and effort on the part of the interpreter, simultaneous interpreters usually work in teams of two or more and sit in a soundproof booth.

This type of interpreting is typically used for conferences, conventions and other types of international meetings with a large number of participants. A special form of simultaneous interpreting is the so-called chuchotage (whisper interpreting) where the interpreter sits/stands behind his/her client and whispers the speech in the target language into the client’s ear. This type of interpreting can be used if no more than two people require interpretation into the specific language. No technical equipment is required for chuchotage, however, it is extremely hard on the interpreter and might also disturb other members of the audience.

I have provided simultaneous interpretation/chuchotage for a number of conferences.

Please note: I do not provide interpreting equipment.


Depending on the length and nature of the individual assignment, I will charge on a daily or hourly rate. The rate will be determined on the basis of the following factors:

Additional costs such as parking fees, costs for transportation, accommodation and food will be charged separately.

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