As a professional translator, I always translate your text as a whole. This means I take into account the context, the style and the readers the text is addressed to. Thus, the outcome will not be a mere agglomeration of individual words, translated on a word by word basis, but an integral target-language text, tailored to your needs and readership.

Areas of expertise

Over the years, I have gained experience in translating documents in a large variety of fields. My main areas of expertise are:

I have also translated some more extraordinary texts such as the tour program for a choir, including all the lyrics of their songs, or a book interpreting one of the books of the Bible.

I am always interested in learning new things and am happy to familiarize myself with new topics.


I usually charge for my translations on a per-word basis (source word count for word documents, target word count for PDFs).The rate will be determined on the basis of the following factors:

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Certified translations

I provide certified translations for both my language combinations, English -> German and German -> English.